Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Its snowing in april, FML

Well, it's snowing here, or at least it was snowing and now there's snow on the ground. F MY LIFE. It's April for F sakes. Bloody hell.

This weekend we thought golf wasn't going to be possible, and Saturday was a complete washout but Sunday morning the sun was out and the usual 3 came together for golf. It was late'ish and I had things to do so said I was in for 9 only, so we decided on a $5 a side for 9 holes and if we were quick I said I might squeeze in 18. We weren't quick, but it was a weird 9 holes.

First of all Harry just 'lost' a 5 iron on the 2nd hole. He knew that he played it there only when on the 4th tee he realized it was gone. I know a lot of club chuckers, and Harry isn't one of them. It was weird. Then after playing 6 holes of modestly bad golf, Matt says he has to walk in as he's feeling poorly. That's really weird... really. Anyway, I win both matches with a grinded out 39 and expect to be transferred $10 on Full Tilt any day now.

+$35 in bets
+1 beer

On the poker front I played a few long sessions recently with swingy but eventually breakeven results. I'm actually running really bad with getting sucked out on but i've made a few bad plays too when I knew I was beat and couldn't give it up. I played a session where I was up almost 4 buyins in 2 hours, then dropped 6 in 30 minutes, and this is not tilt just a weird run. I had to quit the game even though there were donkeys about as I knew I was on the border of tilt.

Tilt's a funny thing, sometimes you're tilting and don't know it, sometimes you're tilting and DO know it and just can't stop. I've now figured out that my tilt starts in my neck and shoulders when the stress level goes up. I'm getting pretty good at steam control and quitting or sitting out a good game at least for a while is right for me.

Oh, and I'd like to mention a hand I watched on High Stakes Poker yesterday. How i love that show....

Tom Dwan and Barry Greenstein are both sitting deep ($460k effective stacks) playing 500/1k blinds. Peter Eastgate opens in late position with AKo to $3,500, Barry Greenstein makes it $15k with AA on the button. Tom Dwan calls in SB with KQs and Eastgate calls.

And... oh... just watch the hand. It starts about 55 seconds into it. Notice in particular what Barry says to Tom Dwan about taking money back and his response.

I love that show!!

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