Monday, April 20, 2009

The Shirt From His Back

This weekend was one of much golf, and only a bit of poker. Our story begins with a bit of friday night poker where Matt and I tore money from the donkeys' grasp. I realize that donkey hunting isn't very sporting as the really bad ones are just dead, dead money, it feels sort of like cheating somehow that they're so bad and you can read everything they do perfectly and nearly always play them perfectly. I mean, there's one guy that we both beat on relentlessly that is just... wow... like... this guy is down over 100 buyins, many times buying in half-stacks in under 5k hands. ONE HUNDRED... He must think he's got the worst luck in the world, but he's just the worst player.

Our golf round Saturday was nice -- good weather for this area for once. I hacked around a 79 to win the front and the overall on a $5 nassau with Matt (+$5), and Harry quit after 9 due to other obligations. Matt wasn't great but pulled out a sick birdie on the 17th to beat me on the back. The most notable exchange was on the 8th tee, where I looked at his shirtsleeve and noticed the TW logo. "OOoooh a Tiger Woods shirt, snazzy"... he replied with "yep, actually this is the exact shirt that Trevor Immelman won the Masters in last year". I deadpanned "how'd you get it off his back?".

Sunday we played earlier with Scott as an addition to the group. Scott's a pretty good player, and hopefully will join our regular Sunday morning team. I started out on the bogey wagon and never really got off it. Made one easy birdie on 10 when it was playing downwind but otherwise was a little off all day. I have to say the putter has been solid for me so far, even on still-shaggy greens I'm rolling them where I want them. It saved a few strokes for me this weekend for sure. Anyway I shot a very blah 82 but won the nassau entirely.

+$22 on the weekend in golf, woot.


Harris said...

"how'd you get it off his back?" HAHAHAHHA, can't believe I missed that one.

Also a little shocked you guys scored 82 and 85. Makes my 82 seem a little better.

Toast said...

you were off on a cell phone call at the time, I believe.

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