Monday, May 30, 2005

Adapting to 6-max and having no golf swing...

/* Golf */

It's funny how a golf swing is so fickle as to show up one day and disappear the next. For the past month i've been struggling to keep control over the quality of my golf shots. It was not until this weekend that I began to course manage a bit better in order to... work around my problems with the swing. Actually my game this weekend still wasn't good, but it's definately getting better.

Saturday was not so good, as I had a few doubles lumped into a crappy score of 84. Played better on the back 9 though. Sunday was different. I resigned myself to shooting for the middle of greens unless I was 120 and in, so I did hit a lot more greens and actually hit the driver well around 80% of the time -- better. Made a lot of pars, one particularly bad double bogey, one nice birdie, and that's that. Shot 79.

/* Poker */

Surprisingly, no poker this weekend except online. I played a bunch of 6-max $0.50/$1 and was up a bit. Actually that's wrong, I was up over 50BB, then down a bit, then up a bit. I'm not having a difficult time with the aggression of 6-max at all. In fact, my problem is moreso to do with being able to accept that other people made their hands and are not bluffing. Turn check-raises in full ring normally put me on defensive or make me dump if I don't like my hand enough or dont have odds to draw, but in 6-max where a turn bluff is not the least but unheard of, I'm really struggling to "believe" the players. Going to have to work on the turn and river play.

I'm a bloody thief when I play trying to pick off blinds from the CO and button, and that's a good thing I think. A new area of "study" is doing this when the guys two and three left (those who are to be stolen from) call or re-raise and play back. Often a call or re-raise is met by a flop bet, and if that flop doesnt hit me, what to do? I've read a few good threads over at 2+2 on this sort of thing, and I guess it comes down to tightening up the stealing hands against the type of players who will play back no matter what.

Fortunately, learning all this junk has enabled me to start doing the same thing to others from the blinds point of view. Often i'll call a PFR (with a somewhat reasonable hand of course) and play back immediately regardless of the flop just to see how they react. I beat on one guy all night doing this -- so i guess that steal thing goes both ways.

Anyways, I have a qualifier for our club golf team next weekend which I should practice up for, but i'm sure i'll hit the casino sometime this week after work, and will definately be playing online as usual.

Farked up thought of the day:

I wonder if anyone has "roshambo'd" for a bet. Go look up the south park definition of that if you're not aware of what roshambo is. Hmm...

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