Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Crabby Old Bastards And The Donkey

As it threatened to rain last night -- never did though -- I walked into the casino from near-ideal weather to play poker. I still feel that same sense of 'am I doing a bad thing by being here?' every time I walk in. Fortunately, that anxiety subsides quickly once I sit down for a session.

In normal everyday life, i'm no damn good at paying attention to small details. Girlfriend got her hair cut? News to me. Cat is on fire? I thought I might have smelled something. But sitting at the B&M things are different. I can't say I can read someone for a twitch or a stare, but I'm definately paying attention to hands they raise, call, and showdown with, which leads me to this hand of which I think i could have played better IF i trusted myself more, but none-the-less I still played it well enough to take a pot.

Toast has pocket 9's in the BB. MP3 raises and we've got 4 to the flop.

Flop is 10-7-2 rainbow. Toast checks, MP3 bets, all call.
Turn is 3x. Toast checks, Mp3 bets, button calls, Toast calls.
River is 5x. Toast checks, Mp3 betes, button folds, Toast calls.

Now, If i trusted my read (overcards) more I would have popped him on the turn after the button put in his bet -- But i'm not "there" yet with my reads. Playing "calling station" in this hand allowed me to see whether my read was right and get a showdown. As it turns out, he was 'overplaying' a pair of 6's and didn't know how to give up a beaten hand when his set didnt hit. I figured at worst he was A-T and I would have 2.5BB for calling down as button wasn't apt to raises without the nuts.

Another hand which I'm still sketchy on:

Toast has A-9o in the CO and raises. 5 to the flop.
Flop is J-9-3 rainbow. Checked to me, I bet out, two folds, rest call.
Turn is J. Checked to me, I bet out, 1 call, then raised by a new-ish player at the end of the table. I fold, caller calls.
River is blank, raiser bets, other guy folds.

I'm not sure if he made a play on me or had it -- I can't tell. Fortunately, he did the same thing 3 hands later at the river (raise out of the blue) when I had KJ on a J-high board. Of course I called one more bet and he had Q-J so I out kicked him.

Finished the 3.5 hour session up $79 bringing my total since Apr 15 to +$950. Not shabby at these limits.

Back to the title. Never have i been on a table full of old crabby bastards and a total idiot like this one. The crabby fuckers were mean to the dealers, gave them shit about everything even though they werent too bad. Also, they were questioning pot splits and where the extra buck goes. Cmon people. And the donkey.. wow... asian guy maybe 40 or so. He didnt understand what a kicker was, and would call down with ANY piece of the board playing 90% of his hands. He reloaded a hundred in reds 3 times while i was there for 3.5 hours. Said he was down over $2k since Monday... guess I should have gone monday.

Had an annoying way of slamming his hand down on the table no matter what he had. One time he had yet to call a bet, did that, and the dealer swept his cards (he was in seat 10). He yells "I wasnt folding!" and the dealer explained that his action and position dictated a muck. Meh, fishy guy. I was debating using the "Tell you what, give me $100 in chips, I'll kick you in the balls, and we'll call it a day" but I think his mood wasnt too good for some reason.

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