Monday, May 16, 2005

This weekend was nuts!

Friday afternoon NoSkillz called and said golf... of course I said yes. When i arrived, the rain was starting to spit down on us and Spiffy and I agreed that we'd be stupid to go play. So inside for a drink. Of course, since we got screwed out of Friday night golf, poker ensued.

Spiffy bowed out for whatever reason, but I had a rough night at the tables. Spent around 5 hours playing 3/6 with NoSkillz and lost $99. A gretzky if you will. Great table, shitty cards. Meh. Highlight was NoSkillz hitting his straight flush and not even realizing it. I sort of had to point it out... "Uhh... thats a straight flush you realize". His eyes popped out. By 2:30am, it seemed that i was getting too tired as my AQ went runner runner to catch a straight and I didnt realize it until I checked the river, then check-raised the guy trying to pick up the pot. Hah. When i'm that tired, it's just not good to be playing for money.

Saturday morning at golf was a fiasco -- plus I was late. I shot a shitty 87 and played like garbage all around. I really need to sleep more than 3 hours before golf I think. Went to the casino with Gary and played for 3 hours winning $147 at 3/6 again. Not shabby. Afterwards, I headed home and did subway for dinner. Mmmm subway sammiches. Fell asleep at 10pm. Sad.

Sunday morning was up at 7am for my 8am tee time -- a bit better. Played garbage again but hey who am I to deny that poker has eaten a lot of my golf-time these days. Shot 84. Off to poker, of course, and in the first 40 minutes got stuck over 130. Took a few brutal beats and called with my 'pot odds' to a few huge draws that didn't pan out. One notable hand which i'm not too proud of but hey I can admit my mistakes:

I have KTs in EP and limp, 5 callers.

Flop is K-A-4 two spades (my shade). I checked and called not wanting to give away my hand and lose callers yet. I dont hate this play.

Turn is a K. NoSkillz bets, I call (Hmm why did he just bet?), MP guy raises, NoSkillz re-raises, I call, other guy caps, I call. I'm now thinking i'm behind to a boat, but I have outs to pair my 10's and a nut flush draw which is only partially good since the boat was possible.

River is a spade. NoSkillz bets, I raise. MP guy calls, NoSkillz doesnt re-raise but flips over his 44 for the turned boat. MP guy had K-x and MHING. NoSkillz piped up with "I was being kind to not re-raise" but I dont think he understood that I knew what was likely out there and wanted to maximize either my or his expectation since the MP guy looked like a dear caught in the headlights at the river.

I also played another hand where I had a double-belly-buster but was actually drawing dead. That one I was none too proud of -- stupid. Not my sharpest day on sunday.

I find myself limping pretty often at 3/6 in loose tables, perhaps playing a few too many hands lately and not being as aggressive post-flop. I feel like i'm drawing more and it must be because i'm playing with a lot of idiots who play the 'any two will do' game. Need to go back and re-read my books and play a bit online to see what my stats are like.

Tonight looks like golf will be doable... but if not, we'll see what happens.

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