Sunday, May 22, 2005

The Golf Game Is Bad - The Poker Is Good

Eeeny meeny mynee moe... catch a cheater at my 3/6 table!

Bastards. Couple guys were running game at my 3/6 casino game on Thursday. I had a polite word with the floor and left the game when I figured this out. Damn colluding cheating bastards. Up $17 for the night -- then I paid for 2 milkshakes afterwards as goes tradition thus up $10. That's profit! Made a 2+2 post on it just to see what others thought -- i guess this is a regular thing but i'm guessing this was the first time our new poker room at Casino Niagara had dealt with it.

Have been playing online more. $0.50/$1 6-max high speed infact. I was getting quite bored with $0.25/0.50 honestly... seemed like too much of a grind so I moved up. So far so good as my 'bankroll' is over $240 online at the moment from my starting $50 and i'm crushing the 6-max so far. Funny, it used to be I was over-aggressive at 6-max.. playing too many hands. I'd jump up, take a shot for $20 and lose it right-quick. Now, i play my typical tight pre-flop game.. but hands which I used to limp with I raise, and suited connectors are almost useless unless i'm stealing from the button. What a great thing aggression is.

My 6-max numbers are currently:

Voluntarily Put $ In Pot: 25.97%
Went to Showdown: 32.69%
Won $ At SD: 55.88%
Raised PF: 15.35%
Aggression Factor:
Flop: 4.05
Turn: 3.96
River: 2.39
Overall AF: 3.55

Wow that's aggressive. Working SO FAR but i've hit some flops... i admit it. 11.28 BB/100 right now... a little too high to be maintainable i'd say.

Golf has been bad though. After two decent 9-holes this week after work (38 each from the back tees), I went to Heron Point golf club yesterday with NoSkillz and Spliffy. For $80 what a steal - fabulous course. Anyways, played like dog poop and shot 87. Yep, 87. Chased that with 2 Stella's on tap and dinner at the Keg. Great day, and never tilted ONCE even though I had every reason to.

Today at the home course I played no better. I'm hitting a few great shots and a whole crapload of bad ones. Putting stroke is good though. Shot 86. Man, if the computer didnt say I'm a 4 handicap I would NEVER believe it. Hopefully I can turn that around tomorrow (Holiday weekend up here for us canucks). Something is just a little itty bitty bit off and that's killing me. Wish I knew what it was exactly. Something to do with my weight shift on the backswing and through I'm thinking.

Playing online has way more tough competition. Considering i'm trying to harden up my game to play higher limits for fun and profit, I think i'm going to stick with online games and leave the casino games to my social outings.

I've always been a very... stable person. Horrible things have happened in my life and I've glided through them like my knife through my steak last night (prime rib == good). Once in a while at poker or on the golf course i'll get really upset with myself normally... but now... i'm getting even more.. stable. I'm not saying I dont get pissed off by bad things happening, but i'm starting to brush them off better. In poker, every hand is a new beginning and in golf, every hole is a new challenge. Putting behind me both good and bad results will produce a more consistant result in both which is ideal. Tilt almost always makes me play worse at both. Avoiding it would be great.

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