Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Weeknight Cards and The Magician

Last night was another trip to the 3/6 tables where I paid blinds for 3 hours and not much else. Played 3 times to showdown on a decent table, won 2, lost one when I got rivered by a gutshot wheel draw. Meh, par for the course when cards are dry. Really truly enjoyed going after work though, very relaxing and enjoyable.

I'm a regular reader over at Paul Phillips site and am blown away by him pointing out notorious poker personality Antonio "the magician" Esfandiari's GIGANTIC ego. I must admit i've disliked him since I saw the 'wave' on WPT - I'm a big fan of being humble in beating the shit out of people - but holy shit! Now, I know this is just a 'persona' but to write an article like this at all-in where antonio speaks of his life of luxurious spending at clubs and then to make a website talking about whats "hot" and "not hot"... cmon. This guy wrote an article in a freaking POKER magazine about spending stupid amounts of money at a club with his "posse". If you can afford to, do it - hell I would probably too - but don't TELL PEOPLE IN A POKER MAGAZINE YOU JACKASS.

People who swing a big dick don't need to go out of their way to tell people they have a big dick - they'll see the bulge and just know.

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dave said...

Don't hold back now. Speak up and say what you think; loved it!!! Wouldn't want it any other way…..