Sunday, May 08, 2005

Lapdances For The Dead

I am a degenerate poker player, I live and breathe the game and it has almost nothing to do with the money at these levels since it's relatively pathetic. Truly, my hope is to build a bankroll the old fashioned way and play higher and higher on the money of my vanquished enemies. I'd one day like to be considered a good player and make some extra dough doing this outside of the 9-5. Would be nice if I ever got laid off and was between jobs too. No tax in Canada on this stuff, eh?

Saturday the usual crew of NoSkillz and Spliffy were definately not into the poker, though NoSkillz did shoot a reasonable score at his tournament event. The home course was full due to a tournament so I said f' it. I went out, bought four pots of flowers, and delivered each and every one to their destination for mothers day -- I very rarely make drop-in visits so people are usually surprised.

After figuring out that I had absolutely bubkas to do for the rest of the afternoon, I decided to go to work at "the office". That's the B&M poker room for those of you who havent read my braindumps before. Anyways, at the office the secretary (the front desk) said 3/6 has a list of 6 or so, but I can have 2/4 or 6/12. Now, since i'm playing with a now decent wad of formerlly other peoples money, I COULD play 6/12 and not really care but I took the damn 2/4 because I dont need to sit at a table of degenerate grinders. Same 7 guys every time I see that 6/12 table and I really don't think it's a good bet to play without the tourist money.

2/4 it is. Long story short, I played 2.5 hours, made $55 bucks and heard a good story by a guy on vacation at the end of the table.

This guy had been talking for a while about how he went out last night to party with his buddies and got rediculously drunk on canadian beer. Later on, he pipes up with "hey, guess what, i've got a dead guy in my car".

Now, that's a bit unusual -- the drunk part isn't -- but he's got this shiteating grin on his face. He says "yeah my best buddy died a few months ago, and i've got his ashes in an urn in my car. Last night, we went to the Sundowner (a local strip club -- we have the best strip clubs PERIOD here) and took the urn in. We spent the evening buying the urn lapdances. You should see the look the strippers gave to us when we asked them to do it."

Hahaha, lapdances for the dead guy in the urn, priceless.

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Matt said...

LOL! That's hilarious.