Thursday, May 12, 2005

Have a McTastic Day!

Damn right McTastic. An overexcited obviously new employee at McD's greeted NoSkillz and I with something like "Welcome to McDonalds, where we can't do it without you". I don't know the quote, NoSkillz wanted to turn back to do it again, but by that point we had our after-poker shakes and were on the road. That same employee wished us a McTastic Day as we left. I dont think we hid the laughter too well.

On to business, after dinner at ye olde country club (yes, we're a bunch of elitist bastards) it was off to ye olde B&M for a bit of 3/6. This has got to be the worst run poker room in history. It took 45 minutes to get a table with a lineup of at least 15 people and they HAD DEALERS to open new tables. Jackasses. Doesnt the $5 drop every decent pot make it a smart move to open the tables?


Hand O' The Week:

Hero has black Aces UTG and raises it up (thought of limping but I just got finished criticizing NoSkillz for trying to be tricky at the river when he made his hands and getting checked behind). 3 callers.

Flop is Q-Q-A. Huzzah. Now, how do I not kill my action?

Hero bets out, other guy raises (guess we know where a queen is huh?), calling station does his thing and I make my best attempt at academy awards-level work and look honestly pissed/pained that I have to call.

Turn is a blank. Hero checks, it's checked around. I was hoping for ye olde checkraise here but he gave me no satisfaction.

River is an ACE. Hmm... how to handle this. Hero bets out figuring they'd call unhappily but NO, flop raiser raises me, calling station does what calling stations do, and I re-raise for f'in value. That puts raiser-guy all-in and the CS calls.

There's some talk of a side-pot before I table my hand, I chirp up with "No need, I have all the cards worth having" and table my Quad Aces. I have to admit this hand made me smile big. Normally I just take down the pot and setup for the next one, but I think i dropped about 16 bucks to NoSkillz in the next pot because I wasnt paying enough attention to the action. Oh well.

Ended the night up $106. That puts me over the $1000 profit mark for under a month of low-limit play. That is of course assuming I dont piss a bunch of it away in the next 4 days.

NoSkillz had a typical banner session winning $120+ and getting back to his winning ways.

I hate to think it, but I'm starting to believe I am actually beating this game rather than getting lucky time and time again. I know of course that being up over 170BB in ~50 hours is not sustainable long term but wow, it sure is fun to crush a table like that. Thanks Ed Miller!

Have a McTastic Evening!

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dave said...

Nice hand to play with.