Sunday, February 04, 2007

I pokered!

While the super-duper bowl was on, i couched it this evening and actually played poker!

50NL on Full Tilt, 200ish hands, +$70ish. Meh, not bad. Cracked some poor bugger's AA with QQ (i got it i post-flop not pre), had my flopped straight cracked, bluffed off a few bucks, you know, the usual.

Thankfully my work has let up a hair so I was able to take a few hours out... whew. Feels good baby!

I'm hoping Matt's homegame runs this week but won't hold my breath. It seems like everyone's too busy these days unfortunately.

Oh, and the super bowl was boring... again. God how i hate watching football and we don't even get the good commercials here. Waste o' time.

1 comment:

Harris said...

You are one of those people that are not allowed to have an opionion on football. Keep it to yourself poker boy.