Friday, February 16, 2007

Our Home Game: Problems...

I would like to discuss the home-game. It has not happened recently and this makes Toast a dull boy. I asked the keeper of the game, Mr. Matty B what's up and he simply stated that there are too many ego's at work and he doesnt want to take the time to fit everyones schedules together to find a date to play at the moment. I will also note that Matt is addicted to some new football manager game (I don't deserve the description Geek compared to these guys) so I take that into the picture.

Here's the player breakdown:

Gary P doesn't like no limit even though he has more money than the rest of us and we play for peanuts ($20 max loss per hand capped). I think he feels the game doesnt fit his style and that's OK I respect it, and I love limit too but we can't play $1/$2 and keep it interesting. GP is a good guy, a "decent" player, but doesnt like to give up an edge in anything -- though i have seen him play $20 per-credit slots... hmm.

The Golf Pros have weird schedules and are mostly unavailable on the evenings we want to play together. Since there are 2-3 of them, they make up a big part of the table and we can't really play without them. They also are unable to commit to a regular time in any circumstance. They're young, they're flaky in scheduling, but more importantly they can all play cards with very different styles.

Harry is good to go. He's bored out of his skull. Seneca this weekend Harry? Harry doesnt care about money much, he just likes getting together with the guys and the Boss and he doesnt have many worries in the world outside of whipping his minimum wage minions into a frenzy of glove-cleaning goodness.

Matt is a trooper mostly but he's tired of playing Organizer. The funny thing about Matt is he has the statistical mind, guts, and time to be a huge, huge winner at the game (and im not just talking about the homegame) but refuses to accept he has weaknesses. He also is afraid of other people thinking he's a degenerate, does not want to admit he loses money sometimes even though it is normal. Matt has a hard time accepting losing in the short term and I doubt he'll make the effort to bring his game together because he's afraid to lose. Yes, I'm sort of calling him out but only because I know he's underperforming his abilities.

The part-timers: Vito, Brett, Bergen... Vito is solid, has a family thus not much time to commit to our game, and would earn at the tables if he was only allowed to play where he works :). Brett is tight-aggressive and seems to have trouble with time as well. Bergen is a maniac player and does either well or badly. Much better at NL than limit since aggression works here. All have family/schedule issues, too bad really.

If I missed anyone, my sincerest apologies.


A fun side-note to my last article on the awful, awful "The Guardian" movie was that I asked if anyone in my office had seen it. One guy who is normally reasonable with movies said "Yep, it was GREAT!". I tuned in my (limited) poker senses in to see whether this was a bluff, but in the end he definately thought he had the best hand. There goes any credibility he had.

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