Friday, February 09, 2007


Last evening I had the opportunity between the hours of 12:30am and 1am to play a few hands of online poker.

I've been playing relatively tight, a couple players at the table have left and been replaced. I decide to change gears a bit and start raising light which wins me the blinds and a continuation bet takes it down.

Then I get AK suited UTG with ($50ish).

I raise to $2, looseish player in MP ($50) calls, folded to BB who makes it $8.50. Problem is, he's only got $23 bucks left after this and is relatively new to the table. I went with my senses that this might be a squeeze and flat-called expecting him to push any flop. Surprisingly, MP behind me calls too!


Flop is 5-9-Kr with $28 in the pot.

BB pushes, I over-push for my remaining chips, MP folds.

BB flips over American Fucking Airlines of course. Yep, I'm dominated totally and I have two outs to the King-ball.

One of my outs peels off on the turn.

I actually felt bad about it (gotta hate the 2-outers, they're ususally against me not with). All i said in the window was "Woops". Instead of the normal tirade of nastiness that normally would spill forth from BB in a $50 online poker room, he said "Nh, nothing you could do".

But I'm not sure... I feel like I could have folded this pre-flop, but his $30 total stack made it too tempting when I got the squeeze vibe. I suppose I just feel shitty about getting my money in bad.

NH to BB, whomever you are. You had me.

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