Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm Looking For Poker Chips

I've always been a fan of poker chips. I'm not so into them that I collect them, but I do love playing with a nice set of real chips.

A few years back i bought a set of those generic chips which everyone seems to have. You know, the 500 chip ones that are flat red, blue, white, green, black with dice on the corners and a white coloured ring on their face and checks on the sides? It seems everyone has that same set around here, though they aren't bad (actually they're quite good)... they're just SO common and I'm always trying to be difficult... here they are.

So it came to be time for me to look around at poker chips online. A good resource for chip info is Home Poker Forum at TwoPlusTwo of course. Man, people spend some ridiculous amount of money on chips!

Anyways, in my searching a pretty cool store came up that has a tonne of nice poker chips. It's over at Nevada Jacks. Check it out. I particularly like the clays but I think the composites might be a better choice for my purposes. Will report back when I buy a set.

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Rodney said...

Yes, those are the same chips I use for our poker league (I think mine are 13g though - I like a heavy chip ;)