Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sandy Golf Courses & Heads Up Poker

I convinced my tired ass body to emerge from slumber on Saturday morning to play with Bernie alone as everyone else was popping out kids (matt), lazy (harris) or otherwise not willing. It was, in a word, cold. On top of this, our golf course has had 15 truckloads full of sand punched into it, so the greens are a bit sketchy.

On to the golf. Since the greens were hardly playable, Bernie and I applied the 2-putt max per green rule for bullshit golf games where nothing is on the line. Using this rule, I shot a very fine 73 and was for the most part stable except for that one dribbler off the first tee with a 3 iron.

Lately I haven't had time to reboot my machine (it's a mac btw) into Windows for 4-tabling sessions of 6-max NLHE, my preferred game. So, I'm stuck in Mac mode without the fabulously good stats software Hold'em Manager. I get too bored playing one table of 6-max for reads, so of course, I do what all idiots do, I play heads-up for action.

For a brief past history of Toast playing Heads Up NLHE cash games, imagine Regan from the exorcist (original) blowing green chunks. I spewed like she spewed. Chips for everyone! Seriously, I can be a little bit too aggro at 6-max so putting me on Heads Up tables was like opening a flood of chips from my stack. I think by statistics I lost 8 buyins at HU before figuring out my current strategy wasn't working. Anyway this was a few months back and so I swore off HU tables till now.

So I join some HU games, and realize that about 80% the players I'm playing against are total retards and the other 20% are decent. Figuring out whether you have a considerable edge or found a tighty is important when the site is raking like they do at the low limits... otherwise the poker site wins and we both lose (outside of rakeback, obv). Normally at 6-max shortstacks are the biggest pain in the ass, but at HU I actually enjoy them. Once in a while you find a guy who pushes every hand, and that's fun but a bit high in variance. Biggest revelation: river value bets are the nuts at this game. Everyone is trying to make heroic calls for some reason.

So, HU poker is crack... crack I say! I can play 1-table for 30 minutes with no HUD and feel totally satisfied (or totally tilted if the cards dont go my way, obviously).

Special note for our readers... Mazal Tov! Matty had his first kiddo on the 20th. Evan even looks like the old man, poor little guy.

Later yo. T.

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