Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Wanakah Golf & Way Behind EV

Played golf with Matt and Harry at Wanakah CC on Saturday, made a few doubles hitting balls out of bounds where I didn't know it was, and also lost one ball through baffling circumstances. I think I had 4 on the card and shot a reasonable 80 on a very fun track. The back nine was particularly awesome with some great greens and hole layouts. Matt has a good review of our wanakah cc trip here.

Sunday I hacked it around the usual club and shot a 79 from the blue tees. Very mediocre golf by me though my driver was still going strong.

Played a bit of poker online this weekend as well. I'm getting a bit frustrated by how i'm running at 100NL. I'm crushing the game in EV but getting the bad side of variance. Getting my money in good though and running over a lot of people, I can't complain. Plus I'm still not losing money (winning when running bad means you're REALLLY winning), I'm just 6-7 buyins behind my expected value which is quite a bit of cash given my meager bankroll.

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