Monday, October 13, 2008

Thankgiving Weekend 2008

This weekend has been pretty awesome so far.

Friday night I ventured to Buffalo with Matty for the Sabres game where they beat Montreal in a shootout.

Saturday morning I went to play "Pic's Revenge" where the superintendent sets up our golf course as hard as it can get and double cuts / rolls the greens. Shot a 46 in 9 holes with 23 putts :) Awesome fun. Did I mention I got some new Nike wedges? 52/56/60 degrees standard loft/lie (fitted that way) in black finish. They're pretty sweet.

Though I rarely venture forth from my cave, my best friend Josh was in town with his girlfriend so I ended up going out Saturday night and drinking far too much -- it was fun though and the facebook pics were worth it. I unfortunately drank a wee bit too much and missed my Sunday tee time.... Oh well. I recovered in time to eat thanksgiving dinner and avoided alcohol at all costs on Sunday.

Today I woke up early and played the club... the last round before they aerate and sand the whole place in maintenance so MIGHT be my last round of the year depending on the weather. Front nine I had 8 pars and a birdie on the last. Opened the back nine with a birdie then 3-whacked two in a row (went on tilt and slammed my driver at this point) but then played OK and birdied 16 to go one under, then bogey'd 17 and 18 to shoot 73 (Grrrrr).

My handicap is now a 2.0 index / 2. That's about as good as I've been all year. Won a whopping $5 net today in the skins on my two birdies. Woo.

I'd like to give thanks on this Canadian turkey day for having really good friends and a healthy family.

Did I mention Matty should be a father this week? Go visit the old man who's about to be someone's old man at Now On The Tee and see if he says anything about it.

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