Monday, October 19, 2009

Poker Season 09 - It Begins

Well, as you know I'm pretty much hooped in the golf department due to crap weather -- might squeeze in a round though still who knows? So it's officially poker season for me. I haven't really set goals for poker in the last couple years but I might set some financial goals this season... unsure.

My Poker History Revisited

I've gone over this before, but I've never deposited more than my first $100 into online poker. Maybe I ran well at first but after running $50 into $250 and then to $0 I bought Small Stakes Hold'em and beat the game on my next $50 ever since. Yes, I took advantage of various site bonuses and rake back deals where possible -- you'd be stupid not to. I don't have accurate cashout records but my best guess is I've cashed out somewhere near $10,000 at the game. Obviously I play low stakes and obviously I keep cashing out what I win after it builds again.

My last two cashouts were in December 08 and April 09 and those were $3000 total. I left myself a whopping $500 in the account on April 30th to goof around with since I needed to focus on some other things. Since then I've had a major break even stretch (50k+ hands), ran bad, played bad, ran good, played good. It's been a trip. The only benefit to playing break-even poker is rake back still pays out. When your bankroll is starting at $500 again, it makes a HUGE difference.

From May to September (5 months) I've received $750 in rake back. If you want a rakeback deal at your normal site, email me at justtoast -at- gmail -dot- com and I'll hook you up with a reputable source. Don't sign up without it.

Anyway, since that point I've run the roll up through 0.10/0.25NL, 0.25/0.5NL (briefly) and now play at 0.50/1 NL again and am nearly playing $1/$2 (all 6-max). Again, I'm not sure how far I'll go with this before I cash some out again, but I feel a lot more confident that I'm playing well these days.

I don't PLAN on playing tournaments but once in a while it seems like a good deal. I still hate poker tournaments for the most part, but I guess winning a big one would change my mind on that. I think theres still a tonne of bad players there versus the 6-max games which are noticeably tougher except for Friday/Saturdays (which I'm rarely around to play anyway).

Im not really certain if I should post actual bankroll info here, as some people actually know who I am. I guess if I were playing high stakes I might get some envy/bullshit in real life but I doubt most people I know care about a few thousand bucks. So, I suppose I'll show the graphs at some point. If I ever play $200/$400 they'll know I made it anyway since I'll stop driving my 10 year old car before I put that sort of glimmer in play haha (not happening).

Back when I have something interesting to post about :) Perhaps more archery?

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