Monday, September 28, 2009

TWGP - September Somethingorother

So, yes I've been playing golf a bit still. After I limped over the finish line in the Langley Cup to get some new crystal I bought a new house, moved into the house, and rented the old house. That's a lot of stuff to do for someone as lazy as I am in a short timespan.

Since I've either been working on the house (still moving crap in or putting crap away or throwing crap out) I've had very little time for the card playing but when I have played it has gone well. My 'roll is respectable again and I'm playing 100NL or 50 when a particularly good game is on. That's not shabby.

On the golf course I've shot 77 for my last 3 rounds in a row. I start off bad, get it back to OK and finish at 77 like its my job to. Yesterday I was 5 over after 5 including one par and one double (3-putt). Tilted I told Matt and Terry that I'm done after 9 if I don't make one birdie in the next 4 or finish the 9 at +5. Naturally I parred thru 9, kept playing, made two birdies and two bogeys on the back and shot yet another 77.

77's do not do wonders for my handicap. I'm a solid solid 4 right now and its just hovering there. No way I'll be a two by year end, not that it was my goal but it's always nice to play well to finish the season... like Matt's doing. He goes from shooting 80's and 90 to a 73 yesterday in about 3 weeks. That's gross.

Anyway, sorry for the rambling post but I'm just too busy with business and the house stuff... hope you can stick around and maybe i'll post more archery pictures if I can't come up with something smart to say :P

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Matt said...

I'm just happy I got you to stick around for 18 holes AND predict what your finishing score would be! :P I *am* good!