Tuesday, December 01, 2009

November Online Poker Results

It's that time of the month again fellers. November was an odd one. I put in high volume for the first few days of the month, then had life get in the way for most of the month, and finished with more volume.

Results wise I started strong, lost it back quickly then hobbled to basically break even running a few hundred behind my expected value -- short sample though of course. Below is the graph from the month including my all-in EV, showdown/nonshowdown winnings and rakeback.

Notably my "red line" is very negative this month, which could be explained by my playing a few thousand 50 NLHE Heads Up hands. I'm not winning as much as I should be without showdown, which means I'm getting run over probably. Ugly ugly line this month.

As you can see, I made a massive $117 for the month, and about $450 including rakeback. Waste O' time considering the daily swings were $500 on a few days but that's the game.

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