Monday, July 07, 2008

Double Doubles & PLO - This Weekend In G&P - July 5 and 6, 2008

Saturday morning golf was a typical one. Woke up, went to golf, shot 80 (ugh) but only really had two horrible holes. Hit it into the red-marked fescue (hard to do) on 11, a short par 4 and knocked my dropped ball over the green into fescue (again, hard to do). Then I came up a hair short on 12 and my ball ended up in an unplayable situation. Double double might be OK in some people's coffee (canadian culture reference eh?), but it sucks when I was 2 over to that point and coming off a nice birdie at 10.

Here's where the weekend takes a turn. I had promised someone in my family that I would drop them off at a party and pick them up later (designated driver). So I went directly from golf to their place, dropped them off, came home did some work... went for dinner at the girlfriends' and picked them up. Good deed done? Not quite.

Then the girlfriend and her sister decide I can drive them to Port. Course, this means dropping them at 10, and picking up... they claimed around 1:30. So i drop them off, come home and play PLO.

Now, let me state that I'm starting to "get" PLO. It took long enough, but now I'm starting to appreciate hand strengths a bit better. No more going broke in a deep pot with an overpair for this donkey! I played 2-tables and made 6 buyins playing FAR more aggressively than my opponents. Big pot of the day went as follows against a straightforward, tight aggro player who is NOT getting this much money in awful.

Toast has 8c Qc Jh Jc in the SB with 300BB
Villain has me covered

MP calls
Villain raises POT in position
Toast calls

Flop is 7c Js Qs
Toast checks, MP checks, Villain bets POT, Toast check-raises POT, MP folds, Villain re-pots

What goes through my head here is... I've got a queen, so its less likely he's got a set of those. He has to have straight flush draws here... what the hell are my odds vs. a straight flush draw? Oh fuck it and I get all-in.

Villain shows the scariest goddamn hand: Ts As 9s Jd which gives him a tonne of outs to straights and flushes and straight flushes of course.

4s on the turn, ugh. I'm cooked. PAIR PAIR PAIR THE BOARD GODDAMN YOU FOR THIS 600BB POT! River is a beautiful 4 of clubs and the pot ships my way.

I ran the numbers afterwards. I'm sure every PLO player but me realizes I was ahead but I legitimately thought I was behind. I had him 58% to 42%.

So then I go pick up the girls at 2:45am... wonder how the hell im going to get up for golf tomorrow at 7:52am when i get to sleep at 3:45. Well, I didn't. Missed my time and slept till 10:30am. Fack.

Thats it folks.


Matt said...

Part time golfer, you are.

Ya know, if you joined our shitty tour, you would have been able to play at the grandest course in Niagara in the PM with us.

Harris said...

I got up and played after 45 mins of sleep last weekend. Pussy.