Monday, July 14, 2008

Woulda Coulda MotherF*ckin' Shoulda - July 12-13, 2008

This weekend in golf and poker is brought to you by the letter T.

Friday night I got a call to go for dinner at family's, but turned it down as I was on the tail end of a tough week of long hours at work. Grabbed a quiznos sub on the way home (FYI $5 after 5pm is a sick, sick deal) - Classic Italian for the win by the way - ate the damn thing and passed out on the couch.

I get a call at 7, same uncle, same offer. In my cloudy sleeping for one hour state I said sure and went there to eat a second dinner. And I wonder why i'm still fat... hmm. Drank a few light beer, not very many, and came home at a reasonable time, around 11pm.

I have recently decided to get back to being serious about poker. I think it's motivating to me to see my account balance growing, and frankly i've been in LOOOOOOVE with the game for a long time obviously. I'm really too busy to play seriously (a lot) right now but I spent some money on one of these newfangled poker training sites with great videos of good players but I'm hoping my workload lightens up a bit so I can go back to it. As such, I'm going to start bankroll tracking again.

That said, on Friday night I sat down to two tables of $100NL with a solid attitude, focus and determination. I only played 400 hands, but I made some cash and played well I think. Bankroll definitely allows me to play this limit at the moment, so hopefully it goes well as I continue.

Saturday golf started off shitty. Put my rescue into the trees right, hit another tree, doubled the first and was on my way. I ended up playing very well after that making two birdies on the front on 7 & 8 and finished at +3 for the 9. My back started well with a birdie at 10 to get to +2 but then I hit a rescue into the fescue on 11 (again) and bogeyed, then 3-putted 12 from 8 feet, then hit one out on 13. TILT ENSUED. Tried to put my driver through the centre of the earth on 15 after an errant tee shot right, and generally blew up. Birdied 16 to shoot 78, and felt awful. +24 on skins, +4 on side bets (hollywood).

Sunday I woke up dry-mouthed from drinking too much the night before, way too much. Fortunately no hangover. Started off with a bogey, as usual, but then got into a decent rhythm until I doubled 5 and 8. 41 on the front and by far the best in my group (sad). Back nine started ok but I faded near the end bogeying in from 16 to shoot another awful 41. -$10 skins and got the hell out right after the round -- was pissed off bigtime.

So, with my golf game I'm crap off the tee, pretty good with the irons, good chipping and putting. Just can't put it together yet.

My Overall Wagers:

+$104 Live Poker
-1 Breakfast/Lunches
+$42 skins
+$2 side-bets

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