Monday, September 22, 2008

9 Holes, a Couple Cards, and Shopping?

It's been an interesting weekend.

I get a text from Harry on Friday afternoon mentioning that he won't be playing at the club on Saturday as he was busy playing elsewhere with more important people (not in those words, but the message was clear). I knew our grouping for Saturday was already suspect in numbers, but never put that together until 2am so couldn't verify I had a game for Saturday.

I wake up at 7am for a planned 8:15 tee time and immediately BlackBerry PIN'd Matt. No answer right away but it's early so I decide to sit down at a few 100NL tables (online poker runs 24/7 yo). Made a quick $200 in 20 minutes and left for golf immediately when Matt PIN'd me. I'm glad I didn't show before this point, as I would not have had a game at all. We were joined up with a couple of MD's and played 9 holes of hacking fun before retiring for breakfast and ryder cup watching. I played a bit of NLHE this afternoon and virtually broke even.

Matt and I made a small prop bet, my taking europe, he taking the yankees. Damn yankees.

Sunday I decided that sleep was of greater importance than golf since we had almost nobody on the tee sheet to play with. I played a bit more NLHE and made $75 then played PLO in the evening and topped it up so I made a bit over $300 at cards on the weekend. I've figured out that I'm getting better with losing to badbeats and not caring about the money on the table... I'm playing very aggressive poker with a touch of looseness and it's producing nice results so far. The PLO I just want to learn, and while I still do suck a lot at it, my results are improving. Not going broke with just a pair of pocket Aces post flop against a tightish opponent... who knew?

Sunday I was also whisked off to the local mall by the girlfriend and my other female pal in search of "a pair of jeans". I clearly don't go shopping enough because I was under the understanding that a pair of well fitting jeans were in the $100 range -- lol, i was slightly off. Toast is out of touch and out of style, clearly. After trying on no less than 10 pairs of jeans, I end up with two pairs and, somehow, a new leather jacket. Mental note, do not visit the nicest mens clothing store in town with two fashion obsessed girls unless willing to drop epic amounts of cash. No, I didn't pay for the purchase in Hundo's like a real baller.

That's it. T out.


Harris said...

Only chicks spend over a $100 on a pair of jeans. Go to Arlies and buy a pair of quicksilver jeans for $100.

Matt said...

Soon, like me, you'll be out looking for linens.

Wolfgirl said...

$100? Arlies??? Quicksilver? *shudder*


Toast said...

Indeed I spent over $100 on jeans, twice over (two pair). I will look into these quicksilver jeans you speak of though, as I do not have the bankroll to keep buying ridiculously expensive jeans.

However, the leather jacket is beyond sick, and this I do not regret buying.

WolfGirl, Harris' cousin owns Arlies and thus it shall be looked upon as a good suggestion.

Wolfgirl said...

I have no doubt those 2 pairs of $200 jeans makes your woman want to jump you...and in the end that's alllllll that matters. *grin*

Toast said...

this is what i get for letting chicks post on my site.

Harris said...

I've gotten laid a lot more times wearing quicksilver jeans, then my $300 seven jeans.

Don't buy the hype.

Plus quicksilver jeans are the most comfortable.

Matt said...


Having Harper jump you after you spread peanut butter on your pants doesn't count as getting laid.