Monday, September 08, 2008

TWGP - Aug 30-Sept 1 and Sept 6-7

Whoops totally forgot last week's update.

Not much up on the cardplaying front these days. I'm excited to be watching Matt actually making money at poker when he does play though. Pretty cool to see someone you helped to get better actually reaping the benefits of it. I didn't do much though, just helped with pre-flop card play. I got a quick session in last night for 500 hands where I broke even to the penny. Factor in rakeback and i'm up $8, HOT.

Golf-wise, last weekend I played Saturday and Sunday. Shot 79 both days from the tips at the club and donated $10 on Saturday, broke even sunday.

This weekend I played both mornings. The weather is starting to get more fall-like so it's pretty nice temperatures for golf in the morning. We played the Blue tees for the first time in forever on Saturday as the course was super-wet and I hacked around a 75. Lost $5 in prop-bets when I bet Matt he couldn't make this uphill right to lefter in 6 more tries on #13 which he had missed 6 times in a row. He made it the 2nd one of course. Sunday I played with Matt and his guest, fun times. We all played like garbage (I was 81, won't mention Matt's score) but I won a prop that he couldn't get up and down then doubled through when I beat him the rest of the back nine. That paid my skins entry and I somehow won my #10 skin again to be +$15.

Wagers Update:

Even Breakfast/Lunches
+$65 skins (-$10 last saturday, +$5 this sunday)
+$7 side-bets (-$5 this Saturday, +10 this Sunday)

Oh the big wagers we make... haha. I think a casual reader of this blog would think we're a bunch of poor-assed high school students but this is not the case -- at all. It's just the guys I play with are not the definition of gamblers and have a healthy appreciation for the dollar (likely why they have money to be members in the first place). Now, Ryan... that boy has gamble... if only Jeff would send me the shot of him passed out on the floor so I can post it up at this fine website.

Super psyched to get a regular home poker game going when the golf season ends!

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