Monday, November 24, 2008

45-Man SNGs? Oy Vey Am I Bored Or What?

I really must be bored. As noted previously in this fine blog, I flippin' HATE poker tournaments for the most part but for some reason I found some patience this weekend. I think a recent tough run at the swingy swongy heads up no-limit-sized wagering hold them pokar has encouraged a brief stint in the land o' donk.

I have to believe the tournament players when they say most low limit tournaments are still FULL of donkeys... hell... all the people I know who play poker think that single table sit&go's with their friends = poker.

Playing for cash, what are you a degenerate?

Anyway, I played 2 45-man SNG's. Couldn't take a really huge 4-5 hour donkament only to bust just inside the money. So top 6 pay of 45, weighting towards the top 3 obviously.

1st one I busto half way through. Typical.

2nd one I am chipleader coming to final table. I knock off a few, other people knock off a few and we're down to the money.

Bubble bursts, and I lose a big pot on a bad beat to be middle of the pack.

I then play pushbot poker for a bit to steal the blinds and limpers money and eventually work my way up to chiplead with 3 to go.

I'm pushing these guys around with my aggression but one finally calls me and I lose a flip to go from 1st to 3rd. I grind this back to T2nd and bad-beat a guy with my 22 v KK on the river (deuce on the river, baby). I go back to chiplead only to lose it again when the blinds were high and I was stealing every chip again. Lost with the worst hand (A2 < 33 who knew?) and I'm back to 3rd again. I again steal everything and move back to 1st only to lose another flip to the same guy and back to 3rd, finally busting when I pushed K6 from the SB into 88 in the BB. Sigh. Really wanted to win this and was only playing for first.

I know I just made a lot of sit-and-go pros laugh with how seriously I took one stupid SNG but i have to say the 45man format is pretty fun.

Supposedly I have a home game this week with Steve G, The Golf Pros & a few others but we'll see if it goes. Matt's still on diaper duty so won't be joining us quite yet.

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Matt said...

Good luck...I may have to get in on the action...