Sunday, November 09, 2008

Heads Up Is Swingy and Tilty

So, since I'm still working like a dog and unable to reboot into my windows / hold'em manager (I use a macbook pro) I'm stuck playing under my OS X side without a HUD. My game of choice under these conditions is heads-up 1 or 2 tabling. HU requires reads and while stats would be nice, I don't see myself playing more than 2 tables well. 6-max seems like paint by numbers compared to HU. What a game!

I've referred to heads up hold'em as crack in a previous post, and man, what crack it is. You just don't get these things at 6-max and especially not a full ring. For example: value betting 4th pair on the river, snap calling ace high for a stack on the turn, idiots pushing a 100BB stack into a 4bb pot... wait.. no.. that still happens :)

The thing i've REALLY noticed is that people are far more emotional at this game. Taking a bad run and losing a few stacks to one guy is very personal it seems. Tilt is a killer in this game, absolutely a killer.

Chip Reese of course was known as the best all around cash game player in the world before his sudden death. He had a great quote that seems to ring most true in the tilty nature of heads up poker.

“It's not winning that makes a winner, but losing. The excitement is not from the winning, it's avoiding the disaster, because you're flirting with it every day."

Oh, and I am WAS running good. :)

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