Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Candy Tastes Like Ass

Well, it had to happen sooner or later.

After my cash-out about a month ago I'm back playing a bit of recreational poker. I've been playing the micro limits with Matty as he grinds his way up (between diaper changes) but haven't been taking it seriously and was dropping buy-ins like candy playing wild and running horribly. Oh well, at that level I can afford the candy. After that I played a little 6-man SNG with Matty and took it down and went to a home game at Bernie's place where I walked away reeking of various smokes and a bit lighter in my wallet. Again, fortunately I can afford the candy.

Then, the last two nights I did the unthinkable. I 4-tabled for a bit over an hour for each. I'm playing down at Matty's level to try and start winning again to build up some steam, but I'm still running horribly so losing. I'm losing a tonne on overpairs and making it up with good play otherwise... either I'm running bad or it's no longer profitable to get it in post-flop with an overpair with 100BB against guys at this limit. I can't imagine the overall play has improved THAT much down here? Blah. Anyway, down 3BI in the last 2 days through about 1300 hands. Sigh.

God forbid I actually ever put my own money into online poker to play real limits -- totally taboo for me. I started with 2 $50 deposits back in the day, and I'm still playing on it after cashing out year after year. Fortunately, I still have 38 buyins for this level in my 'roll, so I can afford the candy even if it tastes like ass currently.

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