Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Golf Pool & The Poker Pit

So, I joined a golf pool run by a family member of a co-worker. They're a fun bunch out in Calgary. Naturally I know sweet fuck all about most of the lower ranked dudes on the pga so I enlisted Matty B the golf obsessed sweatervest wearer to help with the picks. In return I gave him a 20% freeroll -- fun for the whole family.

The first event was this weekend, the Pebble Beach Pro-Am. Team "Sweatervests Rule" placed 3rd to last. Well, a bad start but overall we're in 17th place out of 36 teams given the scoring format -- top 50 money list at the end of the year plus payouts for every week. I'll break it down here if anyone cares, but nobody will so i won't :)

On the other hand, poker. Now, I love poker but I never get to play because I'm a workaholic who works a job plus runs a biz with the rest of my spare time leaving me with... well... no spare time. So, to accommodate poker I've decided to stop working the job.

Yep, in today's fantastic economic climate I've decided to go it alone and cast away the shackles of a job. Well, not really I'm expecting to do a bit of contracting for the same company but STILL it's a step in the right direction baby! Expect me to play more poker shortly so I actually have something to write about.... yeah, G+P is boring lately, stfu. :)

My new websites are coming along nicely... no details yet... I'm such a tease but they'll definitely blossom once I gain a bit more time/freedom.


Harris said...

You should have asked me to help with your golf pool.

I finished second last year out of 50.

mr. pokerman said...

what's going on w/this site? no updates in a while. you too busy golfing?