Tuesday, February 03, 2009

New Websites In The Works

Hi Folks, Toast here.

I'm working on some spiffy new related websites right now ... so yeah i know i've been a little behind updating good old G+P here. The good news is I'm running a bit better now and actually making money online when I find the time to play. The bad news is that I don't often find time to play. ;)

If you're playing cards, good luck at the tables in the meantime. If you're lucky enough to get away and go golfing down south or something where its not freezing like here... I hate you! Jesus it's cold here!


mr. pokerman said...

noooooiiice! looking forward to seeing the new venture. AND new weather. golf is not an option where i am in this kind of cold. :( least i got cards to fall back on.

Allvira said...

You have plenary full of both hands one is from bad news & another is for good news. Too much cold there... I like cold weather a lot ....
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