Sunday, March 29, 2009

G+P - Weekend of March 28th, 2009

Saturday I did both of my favorite hobbies in one day. That's good stuff.

In the morning I met Matt & Harry for breakfast again and we went out for 18 in 11 degree (celsius) weather with the sun shining. I held it together most of the round but had a bad streak of 3 bogeys on 15,16,17 to shoot 76 and lose $5 to Matt on the overall. He played well, and is no longer the butt of our jokes (for now). No complaints as it was my 2nd round out.

In poker, I wasn't going to play but Matt had one of his favorite donkeys online and a seat open for me. Naturally I sat and immediately was happy I did. I opened some more tables and we played for 2.5 hours wherein I won about 3.5 buyins. There's just such a monster difference between Saturday night and a Monday night on full tilt. Really ridiculous that so many bad players come out on the weekend.

My hand of the night - Matt opens in early position and covers me, I re-raise with TT in the cutoff, button (half-stack donkey) calls, SB (half stack biggest donkey in the world) calls, Matt re-raises for half a stack. Hmm. Now, normally I fold when he 4-bets without close to the nuts but I couldn't possibly understand why he would 4-bet a hand that crushes me. We have good old fashioned donkey money in the pot, why chase it out with AA or KK? QQ was a possibility I guess as was JJ but all my senses said AK and frankly I was in a gambling mood so I pushed. Both donkeys call, Matt calls and we have a 4 way all-in for about 300bb in the pot. Matt flips KK, I have TT, donkeys have AK and AQ. Hmm, my mistake. Anyway I flop a boat and suck out which is fine retribution against Matt who sucked out twice earlier on me -- once where I had middle two pair vs. top pair (bad kicker) with one to come, and one where I had AQ on a AAx board and he paired his kicker on the river. No tears from me, but I lament my bad luck until I suck out with TT v KK :)

It was a profitable night and a fun day of golf. Should be a fun year.

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Paul P said...

A great day on the links and on the poker table - it doesn't get better than that! Nice blog :)