Sunday, March 15, 2009

I know... I know... I'm neglecting G+P lately

Got a comment in that last post about how little i've been updating G+P lately... totally valid criticism I've been neglecting my baby.

Honestly, the amount of golf i've played is nil. None since the end of last season. I have been playing a bit of cards though...

Matt has finally learned to win at poker a bit, only took him 4 years to do it but finally he can crush donks at the microlimits. Naturally I went on a downswing playing NLHE Heads Up online so I did what I do every year it seems, I cashed most of the bankroll out leaving myself but $1,000 with which to play. This provides 2 functions for me... the first is I can say I'm actually making and taking profits from online poker to those who might think I have a gambooling problem (family)... the second is it reduces greatly the limits I can play obviously so I fall back down to the micro/low stakes where I know I'll win money on a somewhat consistent basis. I then went on a downswing at the low limits... it's arguable whether there was bad play in there -- I'm not immune to being a donkey here or there -- I don't think I was playing too badly but ran into a lot of 2nd best hands so took the sad little roll into sadder territory. My great fear was that Matt would run his 'roll up to higher than I've got my 'roll. I came within about a hundred bucks before I turned it around and shot back up. Meanwhile, i don't play all that much these days, maybe 1500 hands a week.

Recently I had a conversation with myself where I'm starting to hate the fact that I keep cashing out my poker money. I've never made a LOT of money at the game but I certainly could stand to play higher stakes than I have. Maybe that's a good thing that I keep it recreational and pay my golf membership with poker money -- it's not the worst thing in the world that your hobbies pay for each other. Still, I feel like i've left some vehicles, vacations, 60" pioneer plasma tv's and associated toys on the table by not playing higher earlier. Obviously the online NLHE games now are far more difficult than they were a few years ago so I probably should have went digging for poker gold back then if I really wanted to make any. That said, I have to believe the B&M games are still soft, they're just awfully slow compared to my 4-tabling online.

I'm debating either getting serious about another poker variant like Pot Limit Omaha or some of the limit games like 2-7 triple draw, stud, stud8, and so on online or starting to play B&M sessions of NLHE cash to see how they run. I can't bring myself to play tournaments seriously for whatever reason... I spose if the buyin were something I cared about I would?

Comments welcome. Stay classy.

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Matt said...

I think you should just stick with NLHE until you get your bankroll back up.

Or, if you don't care about your money, just play me in gin. Heck, we can just play for lunch...I'd eat free for a year!