Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Climbing Out

This weekend was a quiet one in golf land. Our club had a big member-guest event on which ate the course up Thursday thru Saturday. I had discussed going to play King's Forest with my buddy Dr. K but eventually that plan was nullified so I really had nothing to do on Saturday -- no reason to get up early.

So I did what any poker geek would do with a friday night to burn and no reason to wake up early Saturday, I played cards online. Since my last cashout I moved up into 50NL again and have almost made up the amount of the cashout, which is nice. On this night however nothing went right it seemed, and I played a total of 5 hours of between 3 and 5 tables at a time -- grinding is the word. Whenever I crawled nearly out of my 3 buyin hole i'd fall back in with a beat or a cooler but in the end I finished basically even around 2am. I did however pay over a hundred bucks in rake, of which i'll get back a nice piece -- mcdonald's sort of wages here at G+P folks.

Sunday morning I was feeling good for golf but perhaps was being a bit optimistic, as I actually thought I might start well this time. That didn't happen. I opened 4 over thru 6 with just mundane bullshit bogeys, a couple 3-whacks, the usual sort of thing when I can't pull it together. Then, on #8 I hit my 3rd to 2 feet and made the putt for birdie, #9 i stroked a 3i from 205 to about 15 feet and drained that too. #10 I hit a bad drive, laid up with my 2nd and hit my 3rd to 20 feet behind the pin. I made that one too for a birdie. #11 I hit a beautiful drive but screwed up my 2nd shot leaving it right near the back fringe with a mid-front pin -- NOT an easy putt. I made that one too -- right in the heart. My group members were impressed with my putting to say the least, and as far as I know that 4 birdies in a row streak is my best ever. So I'm back to even on #12 and hit it in the water of course, then take a drop and make the putt for a good bogey. I par #13, bogey #14, bogey #15, bogey #16, par #17 and bogey #18 for 5 over. So, not a HORRIBLE round but should have been a bit better -- the closing holes were garbage.

Matt has a buddy named Casey who became a poker pro a few years ago. I've never actually met the guy but since I hear about his scores in tourneys I sort of follow his progress for fun. He's pretty well known among donkament (that's TOURNAMENT poker) players, not one of the big names but certainly has his share of winnings. Once in a while I'll play a donkament myself but generally I hate them as they take forever and I never cash deep -- but really I've never studied them. Yesterday I finally took down my first 90-man SNG, and once we got down near the bubble it was actually fun. I've realized the overlay of just dead, dead money in low limit tourneys is really something you aren't seeing at cash anymore. NLHE cash games online, at least at Full Tilt are virtual suicide for a bad player now as the ratio of tight aggressive winning players far outnumbers the donkeys. I know, I know most of the players at low limits still stink but at least they have some idea of how to play winning poker now. These aren't the OOOOOOoooHHH PARRTTYY POKER days anymore unfortunately.

Anyway, I might start playing a few more donkaments when I can find a few hours to massacre.

Shouts out to Ryan H., you degenerate gambler you. How could you stay out of action this long? Get your ass on Full Tilt and come play some cards with us.

That's all for now.

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Anonymous said...

Appreciate the shout out and I'll be back on the horse in no time. I'll be some of that dead money you so affectionately refer to.