Monday, June 29, 2009

Linens n' Things

So, yesterday I attended the wedding of my good friend Harry. I've known his family since I was in nursery school and they're Good People. His new wife Sarah seems awesome, and though normally at G+P we promote strict adherence to the DGM philosophy I'm hopeful that he's chosen well. Congrats again, buddy.

The picture above has the bride and Matt and his lovely wife Jacky pointed out -- she talked him into a fast dance somehow. Matt must have been smoking something as he isn't up for fast dancing for the most part -- nor am I. Harry can certainly cut a rug though, he's got the rhythm.

In other important news, Gin and Tonic might be my new official drink, I had a crapload of them last night and still felt great this morning. Nothing like my foray into vodka+redbull... that wasn't pretty.

As for golf, there wasn't much to say. I played OK and shot 78 and 77 this weekend. Fortunately my handicap is up enough where I'm now getting a shot from Matt which I will certainly press for :). I also played some mostly-drunken Pot Limit Omaha on Saturday night and cleaned up.


Matt said...

Jacky will love the heart. She'll hate that her picture is on a blog though.

Meh. All balances out ;)

Elisa said...

Nice picture! I like the heart, too ;)

manho valentine said...

Thank you for sharing the story behind your inspiration for Enforcer's
Pride. That must have been a rewarding, yet difficult job you had.