Sunday, November 06, 2005

Back at Party

Well, finally I worked out an arrangement for PartyPoker so i'm back in the deep waters, and man are the games good. Stars in comparison has just a higher number of good players, but at Party i'm almost never at a table with good players.

The bankroll has been growing nicely still, and i'm looking forward to my next big move already. I'm taking the 2+2 advice and moving up as soon as possible when I hit the magic bankroll mark, likely by opening a single 200NL table with my 100NL games just to get a feel for it then making the jump. Hopefully won't get burned too much. WHenever I move up it always seems like the amount of $$ i'm playing for is a bit scary, but once I play for a few days/weeks, it no longer bothers me.

Also, i'm happy to report that the home game is back on weekly it seems so I've got a little live action to look forward to.

Thats it, i'll let you know when i hit 200NL.

1 comment:

dave said...

Sounds like a good sound plan. I understand how the getting used to the money feels. It just takes a while.