Monday, November 28, 2005

Swing Low...

The poker blues are once again upon your humble hero, Toast. I'm losing money like my coworker Scotty loses hair... and that's fast... but as with his problem... its natural.

No tilt for me i'm happy to say, just some bad luck. For example, QQ on a QJx flop loses to running 9's for quads over my full house. Yikes! I just have to laugh about stuff like that... it sucks but theres not a damn thing I can do to prevent it so I wont worry about it.

I'm down $350 in the past 5 days of play -- around 2k hands. Could be much worse... hell, i've lost $350 in a single session recently. I'm working on plugging leaks still (downswings tend to make me take a good look at my game). I'm currently focusing on loosening up a bit, working on my continuation bet size as well as starting to use delayed continuation bets.

Started an interesting thread at 2+2 about continuation bet size, and had some solid responses.

Oh, and i forgot. Down $16 at casino niagara in 5 hours of play... damn rake. :)

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