Sunday, November 13, 2005

Taking a Break From Poker

Poker has been very good to me. It's given me something to think about as a default whenever I become bored. Not paying attention to what the girlfriend is saying? I'm thinking about poker. Can't focus on programming code at work? That's right, poker.

But then a day comes along like last tuesday night, where I lose more than I've ever lost before at the game, and more than I'd ever thought I would play for. $350 USD gone in an hour and a half. That's only 3.5 buy-ins at 100NL which is the game I play, and that's not out of the ordinary to drop 3.5 buy-ins in a short amount of time. I first was down $100 due to making moves where players couldnt fold marginal hands (my fault), then I lost another $100 where my pocket rockets got out-flopped when we had $50 in each pre-flop.... he had 77 and flopped a set. I wouldn't have played this different. Then, my overpair queens lost to a guy who played 62o and slowplayed three sixes. I knew I should have folded but was pot committed and he had me covered... and then... it happened. I did what poker players need to avoid at all costs, I made that money real for a second. /gasp I just lost three-hundred-and-fifty bucks USD. That number was turned over in my head a few times, and I knew this was the day where I'd figure out if 100NL was as high as i'd ever climb and still be ok with the losses. Did I freak? Did I punch a wall? Did I swear off the game I've loved for the past year and a half?


I gently shut my notebook lid, I grabbed a glass of water, and I went to watch a movie knowing I was done for the night... that's it. And since then i've just played very little poker due to my hectic schedule (travelling on business and house-related stuff). Not on tilt, and more importantly, not worried about the money. I'm fully bankrolled for my limit, and I'm beating it, and I can take it. 100NL won't be the end for me -- I didn't really think it would be.

Today, I made it out to Casino Niagara and sat at 3/6 while waiting for 1/2. Came out $28 whopping dollars ahead after 3 hours of play at 1/2, big money huh?

It reminds me why I don't like full ring.


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dave said...

It can all come back in a few hands just like it left.