Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Back Seat Poker Player

The other night I was working, as usual and Matt signed on. He claimed he was playing 2/4 6-max limit over on Stars and had a crazy table going. I logged into Stars and started to watch his table (no money on stars, so no chance I was going to play). After 20 minutes or so of listening to his hands as he played them, I decided I would start firing back my play which he could choose to use or not for each street.

Yeah, my degeneracy played out with someone elses money in my own head. I suppose its an addict thing to do, playing over Matt's shoulder but hey it can't hurt my wallet. It's not that I dont want to play cards, just that I don't have time legitimately right now.

So, I've been paying attention to the table. I know who the loons are and how Matt's playing, so I played back-seat poker player for an hour or so. It was fun! The best hand went like this... (though my details may be rusty)

Matt in BB, folded to Button who raises as usual. (Last time I had him c/r the flop with middle pair in Button-on-Blind action only to fold our hand). We 3-bet with AJ, he calls.

Flop is 9 high nothing special.

We lead, he raises, we call.

I ask matt to check/call the blank turn. He does.

I ask matt to check/call the blank river, the villain checks behind.

Yeah, our Ace high is good and I let out a YEAH! That's poker baby.

Matt made a few bucks that night, good for him. Best of all I got to sort of play some poker! Good for me!

Toast out.


Matt said...

Yeah, that was fun.

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