Thursday, January 04, 2007

Back To Square One

Well poker fans, the Toastman is back to square one in terms of poker bankroll. I basically did exactly the same thing I did last year -- cashed out for the new year.

Don't worry, I left myself $550ish to play with at 50NL or wherever I'm beating Matt for any particular day, but I'm so busy I figure why let a poker site earn my interest on a few K?

2006 was OK in poker terms, I didn't play very much as you long time readers know. Haven't run the accounting (I'm Canadian so tax isnt an issue on windfall income :) ) but I figure I made $2500-3000ish profit at first guess.

Oh, and you'll notice I changed the layout a little on G+P here... you guys like it?



Matt said...

Yeah, big change with the format {rolls eyes}


Harris said...

what did you change? i don't get it.

Toast said...

sidebar nav for archives is new... the design itself isn't obviously.