Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Horror of Horrors, I Lost Money At The Home Game

Yep, that's right folks. Yours truly lost money at the poker home-game tonight. /shock and awe expected from every reader

It all began with getting crap cards all night. I literally might have played 20% of my hands, which, considering most of my playable hands included 96s and T7o means the cards were really awful. Unfortunately when I had decent cards, I was normally Out-Of-Position.. meh, sometimes the cards run this way.

Then, one of our players, Jay, goes on a monster heater. At one point he goes AI pre-flop with 99 v AK and wins, next hand I get 88 and raise to $2, one caller, he pushes! Hmm riding out his heater? I figure I'll donate (no I didnt expect to have the best hand with 88) and unfortunately was behind to JJ and didnt suck out which is unusual for me at the game (see the donk post previously). One stack burned. Should have folded my crap hand....

In another hand, I have KQs in the blinds and call, flop is K-8-3r. I lead, Matty calls. I lead the turn (blanko) and Matty calls. I smell something funky so check the river but couldnt fold to his $7 bet there and he beats me with K-3 (doh!). Should have folded my crap hand...

Anyways, I had my stack down to 28ish before winning a PF AI with Jay with my TT v his A6 (?) Oh well, he was on a heater can't blame him.

Brett did well tonight as did Jay. Harry and Vito donated to their cause. Toasty ends up down $15, Matty's up $12.

Oh, and Matt's 50" plasma looks pretty damn sick with XBox 360 though he does not for some reason yet have Gears of War. I like FIFA and all but Gears looks mindblowing. That Matt guy has got it all together lately... if only he knew how to practice his golf swing he might actually get better. Keeps talking about new clubs.. yeah, its the clubs why you didnt improve in '06.... not the total lack of time spent working on your game... hah. Oh well, he's still better than me at the game.

Yeah, this was a babbling post, so what?

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