Tuesday, March 18, 2008

And It's A Pray-Off

I decided to catch Big Poker Sundays at Poker Road to get motivated for a home-game this week and was reminded in their introduction of the fun times had at the last WSOP.

And here's the scene:

Jerry Yang, a poker-donkey has 1/3 of the table's chips with 5 (I think) players left. First prize is huge. Lee Watkinson is a professional poker player

Yang raises (again) to 1M with 120k/240k blinds from the button. Lee Watkinson moves in from the blinds with A7 and is called by Yang's A9. The pro moves in as a 3:1 underdog... hmm.

Watkinson's girlfriend: "Come on, Father! In Jesus' name, no weapon formed against You shall prosper."

Yang: "Come on, Lord. You know your purpose for me. Come on, Lord, have a purpose for me today."

Watkinson's girlfriend: "Come on, make him a believer. Make me a believer, Father."

Norman Chad quips: "I'm not sure who the Lord is listening to, but Watkinson needs a seven or he's done."

I guess she should have been praying to "tiny infant Jesus, with your baby Jesus powers..." because clearly her man upstairs wasn't listening. Yang was dialed in with his Jesus (and positive expectation but let's not let math factor into this) and wins the hand.

I'll have to try it vs. Matty or something, but I'll be sure to take dead aim at tiny baby infant jesus and make that prayer my bitch.

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