Monday, January 11, 2010

Another Month, Another Downswing

Long ago I played a variance free form of cards called Texas Hold-Them at a site operated by an Indian man named Dikshit. That site was called PartyPoker, and a fun party was had by some. The players were awful, and even though I myself wasn't that great, I could still beat them and win I did. There were never huge swings, just a constant generation of small amounts of money at small stakes poker. Play under 20% of your hands, keep betting until they push back, and win money.

Now, the problem is, only playing against donks will only make you good enough to beat donks. Good or even decent players, just avoid them

"Holy crap, that player just 3-bet preflop, he must have aces or kings!"

Today, in a post UIGEA (US trade illegal bullshit anti-gambling online act) world, there are less fish but they're not by any means gone at SSNL. Gone however are the days where a 6-max table had 4 fish and 2 decent players, now at my full tilt tables it's hopefully a fish on a table, a couple nits and a bad loose aggressive. I sometimes get a few fish, but it's rare. Often I get no fish, and that's when the variance kicks in.

I'm having some huge swings in my terms. I remember playing PartyPoker back in the day and lost $400 at $100NL one day in a few hours and was just tilted off my rocker. Now I consider 5 buyins to be "stuck" and almost the norm.

It's not the same game it used to be when a man named Dikshit dealt the cards.


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Playing with not so good poker players will not help you be the best.. but it will help you to be familiarize with the game.

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