Friday, January 01, 2010

2009 Golf And Poker Recap & A Look Ahead

2009 was a productive one on the greens and the green felt. I'll make it short and sweet, since really, who the hell cares what I did but me. :)

The Golf

2009 Recap

I've already recapped my 2009 golf season but here's the short and sweet version in point form.
  • Got a new Nike Driver - Fujikura shaft - works way better
  • Played awful on Niagara Mens Tour - probably not playing it next season
  • Placed 5th in the Club Championship - not bad after T2 last year
  • Won my 2nd Langley Cup in 3 years beating both Matt and Harry (woot) - low handicap match play championship
  • Yet again did not play Niagara Cup events for the golf club, got asked to play one day but couldn't. Guess I'm not really very good at match play. :)
  • Did not improve my golf game much overall, buying new irons next year is the plan.
  • Made my 1st hole in one at a local "executive" municipal course. 162 yards, one bounce, little roll, straight in. -- forgot this in my recap somehow?

Goals for 2010 Golf Season

  • Fundamentally improve golf swing & focus while playing.
  • Run deep for the Langley Cup -- some luck involved for sure.
  • Final group of Club Championship -- have a shot at it.
  • Play St. Thomas when it doesn't rain (wishful thinking)
  • Play Sagebrush
  • Consider Ontario Better Ball Qualifier
The Poker

At the beginning of 2009, I had just cashed out (yet again) to focus my time on things I don't like anywhere near as much as poker. It was a recurring event for yours truly, cash out, start over. If I had kept playing poker back in 2005 I believe I would be considerably wealthier at this point.

I admit it now, I like playing cards. I'm also a bit of a weirdo when it comes to money, in real life I'll drive across town to save $20 on a shirt but at the poker table I'll shovel hundreds of dollars into a pot if I think it will win me the most money on average. I'll explain bankroll management at some point in a future blog post -- woo exciting.

At the beginning of 2009, here's what I said:
Then, the last two nights I did the unthinkable. I 4-tabled for a bit over an hour for each. I'm playing down at Matty's level to try and start winning again to build up some steam, but I'm still running horribly so losing. I'm losing a tonne on overpairs and making it up with good play otherwise... either I'm running bad or it's no longer profitable to get it in post-flop with an overpair with 100BB against guys at this limit. I can't imagine the overall play has improved THAT much down here? Blah. Anyway, down 3BI in the last 2 days through about 1300 hands. Sigh.

God forbid I actually ever put my own money into online poker to play real limits -- totally taboo for me. I started with 2 $50 deposits back in the day, and I'm still playing on it after cashing out year after year. Fortunately, I still have 38 buyins for this level in my 'roll, so I can afford the candy even if it tastes like ass currently.
Well, I never did put my own money back into online poker -- I just did it the old fashioned way and played and got lucky. Here's what happened:

Starting at $950 my account as of December 31 was $6905, and in April I cashed out $1k as well. So overall I would say I had a good year. Playing limits of 25NL, 50NL, 100NL and a small shot at 200NL including the all important (seriously) rakeback and bonuses I collected just south of $7k for the year. Lots of guys playing 100NL win that in 2 months, but I have a JOB and am not in school, so im pretty happy with it.

More importantly, I am *NOT* planning on the usual cashout this year, and will be playing 100NL/200NL and moving up as my bankroll grows this year. I guess a good goal to shoot for would be to be deep into mid-stakes games if I can keep playing and work/life doesn't get in the way too much.

Here's to a happy, healthy 2010 for those who read this blog.
May you avoid the yips and drag the chips


4years said...

Nice work online, I'd love to do the same this year. Good luck in 2010.

Matt said...

Good year in both golf and poker for the Toastman.

Here's to you pulling in five figures on the virtual felt and making it to the finals (and losing to me) in the Langley!

Toast said...

it would be hard to lose the langley to you in the finals given you never make it there.

Harris said...

Don't worry about the niagara cup, apparently I'm not good enough, atleast last summer, at match play either. You have to be a complete non-factor in the Langley Cup to be asked to play there, or over 50 years old. See Matt (non-factor) and the Artinians (50+).

donnie said...

hows the golf game going in 2010 wanna hear an update. d.

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harada57 said...
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