Sunday, January 31, 2010

Toast Talking Turkey: January 2010

I'm going to discuss monetary details in this post since I think it helps motivate people -- it certainly motivates me.

December Results

Last month I never really recapped the poker results but I will say that I had a major leak that was affecting my non-showdown winnings quite a bit. It's best described in poker results graphs with a highly negative red line. Middle to late December I fixed that leak and pulled out of my breakeven stretch, eventually finishing $885 to the good plus $500+ in rakeback. I did have my best single day of cards ever, winning over $1k during the session right at the end of the month. I celebrated the next morning at work by pounding LL Cool J's Mama Said Knock U Out over and over through my headphones. "Don't call it a comeback..."

Total Poker Profit: +$885
Total Rakeback: +$530

Total Profit: +$1415
Hourly Rate: $17.80 (beat's a McD's job!)

January Results

I started the month by taking a shot at 200NL (moving up), and ran pretty badly. I lost my largest pot ever here and then moved back down and lost a lot more. About 5 days into the month I was stuck $1500+, which, considering I had a bankroll of $500 a year ago is quite a bit of money to my bankroll.

Eventually, I crawled forth from the hole at 100NL and some 200NL, and finished the month a small winner (+$443). I want to stress again, if you don't have rakeback, you are an idiot! I, like so many breakeven poker players, made more money at rakeback than the tables this month (little over $500). Email me for a referral. I also got a nice $225 bonus from Full Tilt for last year's Ironman play.

This last week I didn't really play much at all, got turned off by a bad session of RUSH and generally felt burnt on the game -- haven't taken up the obsession again yet either but I'm sure I will.

So, poker made me ~$1185 in January for 66 hours of play, or, about $18 per hour which is far better than McDonalds pays.

Total Poker Profit: +$443
Total Rakeback: +$517
Total Bonuses: +$225

Total Profit: +$1185
Hourly Rate: $17.95 (beat's a McD's job again!)


In my last post, I mentioned that I was planning to play the WBCOOP. Pokerstars put up a bunch of entries to the world cup of online poker (WCOOP) to winners of various events, and it was a freeroll. Unfortunately, I only made it to play in ONE event, and it wasn't the main event.

I busted when I 3-bet queens pre, two donkeys called. Flop was 56J rainbow, I get checkraised all in by 78 and he binks his card. Oh well! Did I mentioned I hate tournaments? I have to admit they have tonnes of bad players though.

RUSH Poker

Obviously a lot of talk in the poker world this past week or two has been RUSH poker, full tilt's sick new game that automatically moves you to new tables after every fold. It's an evil, evil game that isn't REALLY poker but it certainly is gambling and that should appeal to tonnes of the fish. It's having a serious effect on the Small Stakes No-Limit games so far, but we'll see what happens long term. I think you'll see a lot of nittery take over so it won't be really fun after a while.

But, if you don't have a full tilt account, you should really try it -- it's like nothing i've ever played before. I actually tilted this month playing rush after a few bad suckouts/coolers -- that's rare for me. The session only cost me $500 and the tilt actually won me money (AJ > QQ preflop) but the money moves super-fast. I think overall I'm a winner at rush but it won't be my game of choice.

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Fun play online said...

Poker and Golf!! That is an interesting combination.

PokerLaz said...

As far as I can see, Rush Poker removes so much of the skill element from the game, that you'd have to be a mug to play it

JT said...

Yes and no. You still have to play your hand, but you're not playing a table dynamic against the opponent you're just playing against "all" opponents, so really your hand value and "random 100NL rush opponent" hand value in X position are all you have to work with.

It's less poker than normal poker certainly, but perhaps a good test of a player's ABC 'standard lines only' game since there's no room for creativity against a player who doesn't know who you are ever.

Btw I heard there are HUDs now working, so more and more rush players will know who each other are now. Will be sticking to normal games myself though :)

Ben said...

Very interesting posy
I think i'm going to try tilting.
thanks for the great post.

Matt said...

I love tacos

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Ben said...

As far as I can see, Rush Poker removes so much of the skill element from the game, that you'd have to be a mug to play it.
on other hand, there is something to quick and focused games.
any advice?

antoo said...


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Sue said...

You look to be a pretty good player. At least a very organised one.

Matt said...

Toast hasn't been talking much turkey in 2010 ;)

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learn poker said...

@Fun play online= guess that's golfer if you combine both.

Anyway, Ben was kind of correct when he said it downplays the skill component a bit, since you had to rush (and I assume you're doing it simultaneously with other tables), but that's exactly what you're doing right and great- fast and right decisions. Good job sir.

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