Friday, September 09, 2005

Bankroll Update - Sept 9, 2005

Well, its that time again boys and girls.

Stars: no change ($267.92)
Party: $1500.88

Change From 1 Week Ago: $410.80

Hmmm... that's better. Note that this increase includes the 10 hands at 100NL i played (foolishly probably) but doubled up for a hit&run so its all good.

I purchased a new book at Chapters yesterday - The Professor, The Banker & The Suicide King... yes... another poker book... good so far!

When (if) I hit $2k bankroll i'm on the move again. Somehow I doubt 100NL will be much tougher than 50NL... but going beyond that I know there's a tougher game waiting for me. Hope i get there sometime.

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