Monday, September 05, 2005

An Outstanding Day

This being a long weekend, its a great chance to do all the stuff thats hard to do on a normal weekend.

Today Harris, NoSkillz, Preston and I went and played Grand Niagara golf club, a new Rees Jones design in Niagara Falls, ON. A nearly 7500 yard track, it's a test, and its awesome. I was a dismal 84 today... ugh. Still, there are some wicked holes including a 236 yard par 3 carrying a gigantic bunker guarding the right front of the green (playing into the wind, of course). Many raised greens with collections areas, lots of fescue, lots of tree and shrub filled hazards... it's tough. I highly recommend it, especially for the current deal of $99.

Fortunately, NoSkillz and I pulled off a victory over Harris and Preston, thus we were treated to dinner at Happy Jack's in Fort Erie. On Harris' reco, it's an awesome chinese food spot with top notch food. We totally devoured a huge and excellent meal.

Unfortunately, on the way home NoSkillz bailed out on Part 3 of the day -- poker. I'm actually getting used to hearing the bullshit excuses on this subject so I had the odds at 2:1 against even though he was gung ho the other day. Further, the golf pro's who were going to attend bailed too. As Harry would say when people ditch him... GO FUCK YOURSELVES. I always get a kick out of that.

I didn't let it stop me from completing part 3 of the ultimate day. Heading off to Casino Niagara around 9pm, I was put on the list for 1/2NL and 3/6 immediately. It took a bit to get a seat, so i wandered around checking out the new sportsbook which opens in a few days and the new bar. With the bar near the poker room, it's both too loud, and a bit smoky. GET RID OF THE CIGARETTES IN THE F'IN CARD ROOM ASSHOLES.

(By the way, i'm drinking while posting this).

And the reason i'm drinking beer as opposed to a milkshake (the traditional poker victory drink) is the fact that I KEEP GETTING KILLED at 1/2 NL at the casino. Here are all of my major hands.

1. I have JJ in MP and raise to $12 (typical raise here). One caller who is relatively shortstacked at 50 or so on the button. Flop is A-Q-x. I bet 15, he raises all-in for 38, I fold. No big deal. I've got to Continuation Bet that and had no info on the caller.

2. I have KQs in LP and raise to $12. Loose aggressive in the blinds calls. Flop is J-6-4. I CB 15 again, lag calls quickly. Turn is an Ace. LAG bets $5. I must have had a gus hansen face because I found that bet confusing, but at this point I've got nothing, but have a 4-out draw to the nut straight. River is the 10 completing my straight. He checks, I push, he calls w 88. Double me up i'm ahead again. Dumb bastard should have bet the turn 10 or 15 and the pot was his.

3. I have 77 on the button, 4 limpers, I limp. Blinds min-raise to $5, all call. Flop is 7-9-J. EP bets $10, I raise to $25. All fold to him. Turn is 10. EP checks, I check (the whole idea of pot control is something ive picked up recently). River is a beautiful 10 filling me up. EP checks, I bet $40 (about what he had left). He calls. I say "I have a boat", and flip over my cards. He said "So do I..." ... I PUKE... he flips over JJ for the higher full house. OH MY GOD. Nice hand i said. I didn't mean it... set over set sucks when you're on the ass end.

4. I have 79o in the SB with 5 limpers, I complete. Flop is PERFECT 6-8-T rainbow. I check planning to c/r. It's checked around... this table does not check around.... gah. Turn is a 7c. DAMNIT! I bet out $10. One caller. River is a Ac putting 3 clubs on board. I bet $15 as I figure we're splitting, nope... he had Kc-9c. Had the straight at the turn card, and a freeroll to the flush which he hit. UGH! DAMN.


5. I have KK in MP after two limpers. I raise to $12 and all fold. THEY NEVER ALL FOLD AT THIS TABLE! ugh.

6. I have AK on the button, 3 limpers to me and I make it $15. two callers. Flop is J-9-3 rainbow. Tricky-loose EP bets $20, I fold.

7. MP raises to $7 (his typical is $5) and I look down at JJ. I call from the button (should have re-raised but his raise was different than usual so I was wondering whats up). Flop is KK9. He bets $20 and stares weakly at the table. I take that as a tell that he's strong after a minute of thinking and fold. Not sure I enjoy this hand.

8. I GET THE HELL OUT. Down $140 for the night... fun huh? There's no way im getting away from that straight or full house hand... thats just awful.

I have NO LUCK at the casino. It's truly awful to be dealt good second-best hands so often. I played a typical tight-aggressive game with decent reads on the other players and I got murdered.

Feh. This is why im drinking beer instead of a milkshake.

Congrats to NoSkillz on his record 68 at St. Catharines Golf & C.C. on Saturday. That's pretty sick shooting.


dave said...

Still it was a nice but long day!

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