Friday, September 02, 2005

Poker Results Update

Playing last night, I made a few VERY questionable plays. Both of them were all-ins. I also played a few hands brilliantly, still they did not even out and I was down $30 for the evening.

Party: 1090.08
Stars: 267.92
Total: $1358.00

Last Update: 9 days ago $1371.70
Change: (-13.70)

Well, that's pretty much break even poker for the levels im at. Hmm, not liking this whole break even thing.



dave said...

My level would love a break even month or year; even a night.

dave said...
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Ignatious said...

consider the blinds, rake and tokes.

once you add those up you see that breaking even at poker is winning. in a sense, of course, but still comforting. :)