Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Breakeven in December

Oh the weather outside is frightful, and so's my luckbox factor.

Yep, i'm breaking even. I've only played a bit of poker this month so far (3k hands) so i'm definately behind in a lot of respects. I think i've been goofing off more than usual though, as my stats include 50NL, 100NL, 200NL, and 2/4 Bad Beat Limit. PT says i'm up $4.50 for December so that's exciting.

I decided to take a payday (for the year) and cash out $1k USD from neteller. Exciting... not exactly but it makes me feel better that I'm reaping a reward that's not all digital.

Hopefully will get back in the profitable column shortly... but rakeback will help.



TripJax said...

Cashing out on occasion can be good for the psyche. Enjoy it.

And as for the $4.50 profit...just don't supersize the fries and drink this month and you'll be fine.

Good luck in 2006.

dave said...

That was a good payday 1k$ to take out.

Only 8 in the serious game this week but I finished second. I think they were leery of the new person in their game.