Saturday, December 31, 2005

Well that's it for 2005

It's been a year of learning about the game for me. I've stepped my game from newbie up to "decent" so who knows what 2006 will bring.

Finished off the year with two tables (1 50NL with 2 maniacs and 1 100NL with a couple loose passives). Came out down 3 buy-ins at 50NL (f'in maniacs) and up 75 at 100NL.

I hope these are the last beats im going to take this year. Here's the 50NL ones from today so I can get these off my chest before '06.

Beat #1:

I raise with KK, other guy re-raises, maniac calls, other guy calls, I re-raise to 12, original raiser calls, maniac calls, other guy folds.

Flop is 4-5-8 rainbow, I bet $30, PFR calls, maniac re-raises all-in (I have 25 more), i call, other guy calls.

Maniac had 67o. Feck.

Beat #2:

I flop TPTK with AK, on T7K board other maniac catches a gutshot when we're all-in on the turn.

Here's to hoping these things dont happen often in '06.

Peace to all and Happy New Year.

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