Saturday, December 03, 2005

Visiting Austin Texas and November Results

Well, I just got back from business in Austin, TX folks... and I've got to say that's a hell of a town.

Depart Home: 7am Wed
Arrive Home: 2am Saturday
Wake Up: 1pm Saturday

I didn't sleep much.
I did drink too much.
Austin's 6th street is fun.
Drunken coworkers are funny.
Drunken American customers can't hang with us Canucks.
I need to lose a few lbs.
Austin has better looking girls.

Oh... and my November Results are in. We'll ignore any deposit bonuses. I pretty much came back from that little downswing I mentioned in an earlier post.

100NL 6-Max
Total Hands: 4933
P/L: +$734.24
Winrate: 7.44 PTBB/100

I had that winrate up above 10BB/100 for a stretch but that bad run brought me back to reality. Still not quite ready for 200NL -- but i'm working on it.


dave said...

Good to hear your trip was great for you also nice to find out you’re headed in the right direction with the poker.

TripJax said...


Hope you make it to the 200NL with success...