Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I'm Playing Some Golf This Weekend....

That's right, the golf course which I am a member at is opening for business for `06 and you know who will be there to start the season off right by swinging like a total hacker (gotta get the Winter out of me). Here's a few facts about my golf game, incase you care.

I've been playing since age 8, that's 19 years folks!
Current Handicap: 5, Lowest ever: 4
Lowest Score: 71 (-1) at my home course
Highest Score: don't ask (Kiawah Island Ocean Course, South Carolina, USA)

My Clubs (currently, but will be changing slightly as we start the year):
Driver: Cobra 440SZ - Stiff Stock Graphite Shaft (either replacing shaft or entire driver this year)
3-Wood: Cobra 14degree King Cobra - Stiff Steel Shaft
Hybrid: Taylor Made Rescue 2: 16 degrees
Irons: Toski T-54 blades 3-PW - S300 True Temper Steel Shafts
Wedges: Cleveland 588 56 and 60 (i've worn the grooves off the 56, it's getting replaced)
Putter: Zebra Black (always looking for a new putter, havent found one in 2 years of trying)
Bag: Sun Mountain Avalanche - Carry Bag

That's it for the moment. The wedge is my #1 priority, but i'm open to a driver, putter, and 3-wood. My irons are gorgeous muscle back blades which make them a little more difficult to hit but I come away feeling pure when i'm on. I could probably shave a stroke by switching irons but i'm a bit of a purist for feel and aesthetics right now.

Was pretty sketchy with the hybrid last year -- I tend to miss that club with a snap hook if i'm anywhere closer to the toe of the club -- which does not a happy Toast make.


On the flip side: poker.
I haven't played too much lately as I've been working for the man every night and day. I'm also sick with the common cold which rarely happens to me. The hands I have played have been really solid though. I'm planning to schedule a tournament with Titan Poker, possibly with a goal of donating funds toward sending a poker blogger to the world series (or a satellite of it) so we'll see. I'm talking to my Titan rep about it.

In the meantime, go sign up at Titan Poker to get their massive deposit bonus and be ready for the tournament.



Bloody P said...


Please post about the Titan tournament when you get the details worked out. I played almost exclusively there, and would sign up in a heartbeat.


dave said...

Ok your a real long does it take to shake the winter off?

Toast said...

Bloody P, yep will do.

Dave, well, last year took the whole season and it never really took (bad year). Spent a lot of time playing and thinking about poker, and not enough taking golf seriously which is normally what I do in the summer.

When i say bad year, i mean i never improved and basically only maintained my game. Matt (NoSkillz) on the other hand made strides in his game.

Oh, and FYI I still came out ahead in golf bets through the season though i had a bad year :)

Wolverine Fan said...

Hello Toast,
You may find this hard to believe but I have a mirror blog to yours called Poker and Golf. We use same template and right similarly. I look forward to reading about your golf game this year as well as your poker play. I'm in southern Michigan and have played 5 rounds this year and am playing tomorrow.
Will keep reading and commenting.
Wolverine Fan

Toast said...

Wolverine: wow, that's a crazy coincidence!

I'll be bookmarking yours as well. Keep up the blogging.