Thursday, March 09, 2006

Toast Talks Turkey

Hi, I'm Toast. Not only in name this time...

Seeing the comments from my last thread, I have to respond. Yes, it kills me that I cannot go and kick the living shit out of Presto and Harry with NoSkillz as a teammate on a bunch of top-notch florida courses. We're a hell of a team as I'm usually hot and cold and NoSkillz likes to set his tone early and is good at maintaining whatever he started with. I'm probably more upset about not being able to join the group than I am not being able to go play good golf courses, honestly. If y'all didn't know, Harry, NoSkillz, Presto and Myself are all considerably younger than the rest of the people we play golf with every Sunday so there's a common bond there (us against the old guys). We also don't pussy out and play anything but the tips on golf courses either -- though NoSkillz likes to complain about that sometimes. Personally I'm of the opinion that I'd rather take my asskicking from Pete Dye or Rees Jones and LIKE IT. Sorta like those people who are into hard spankings / whipping as a sexual thing, cept I have no interest in real pain except by golf designers I suppose.

The fact of the matter is, I gave this company my word that I would take care of them through their initial product launch (End of May). If it were a faceless large entity and I were just 'another employee' it would have been easier for me to go against them, but in this case the company left their old technology company to work with me. I have a small active interest in them, and I'm all they have. Replacing me in terms of a project like this (sorry I'm under non-disclosure can't get into detail too much) is difficult to do in a short frame of time and if i were on a golf course out of country... they'd be dead. I mean DEAD. So, no matter what it takes I'm not going to let them down. And this golf trip is certainly a sacrifice. If they go broke in the next 6 months i'll be plenty pissed off.

Note that this is not my 'main' job. My main job is great. Right now i'm sitting at home on my notebook while a couple of workers are gutting my bathroom (doing some minor renovations) and re-tiling it. I can work for the company from here if I need to... and it changes nothing for them really. Telecommuting is way better than driving to work and listening to phones around me all day. Unfortunately I still mostly have to do that 4/5 days a week. Mental note, figure out how to work from home every day again.

So, to NoSkillz, Harry, Presto and my faithful readers (all 2 of you)... sorry for killing the usual game guys. I'll have to leave the trip reporting to NoSkillz over at now on the tee. Good post about golf design websites btw dude.

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dave said...

I figured it was something like that or you would already be packing.